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LifeCredo Club

For people worldwide who want to live according the spiritual rules and in harmony with nature.

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Become a member of the Club
Pre-condition: You must not be a member of a religion or religious organization!
If so then are welcome to join NOW!

Goals of the association
The Life Book
The Life Book shall be a guide for the life.
All members are asked to participate at the creation of its text.
Please contact when you have proposed additions.

Life chapters
Members shall be able to organize themselves locally and regionally.

Life centers
Buildings proposed for:
• A meeting point of members for communication and entertainment.
• An office where life consultant help and support members in need.
• A free goods market, where members can gift goods and get free goods for own use.

If you are currently not yet able to become a member but would like to support the goals, please support Aid My Life (Coming soon)

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